DOWNTIME w/ Dominik Bönisch

Artist work space

Artist work space

1) Location? An unknown city in Germany. 🇩🇪

2) Years collaging? I am doing collages actually about two years now.

3) What do you love and hate about collage? I love the opportunity to create something out of almost nothing. I am not a good painter or something like that. Making a collage is thus perfect for me to tell a story with found footage and pursue a handicraft as well. Everything is possible now. And that is what I hate most. Finding the material is endless and sometimes strange things happen on the cutting mat and you are wrecking the whole piece. Then you have to find the exact book again- a vicious circle.

4) Biggest influences? My biggest influence or better my starting point was the collage ’ Expanding West ’ by the artist Sammy Slabbinck. That was a magical moment- the compostion, the look and feel, I wanted immediately making this too. Since then I saw a lot of stunning artists like John Stezaker, Beth Hoeckel, Cur3es, Jesse Treece or Sarah Eisenlohr. But I try to get not too influenced by their artworks and find my own style.

5) Analog Vs Digital? I started digitally because I was not confident enough to make a single analog cut. But since a year now I am working solely analog and it feels perfect. The limitation and the compulsion to be focused the whole time makes me work harder on it and getting better with each finished artwork.

6) How do you spend your downtime?  I am surrounded by photography and art all the time. In my freetime I am visiting museums or publish a photography magazine with friends. To get this off I stray through bookstores, thrift shops and fleamarkets to find new material. Sounds nerdy, huh?

7) Three tips for someone starting out in collage? 

1. Do it, even the first pieces are crap.
2. Collect everything you find interesting. Yes, also on holidays or even when it means that you have to carry a backpack full of books to your date. You won't regret it.
3. Get connected. Showing my artworks on instagram was my best decision. I got so much attention, kind words and when the artist you like most follows you, this is a special moment which keeps you motivated.

8) Up and coming shows or projects we should know about? I am preparing for a show in october right now. From time to time I give workshops for kids or interested students and show them the magic of collaging. This is really great and I learn a lot. Maybe even more than the participants.

Insta: @dominikboenisch

Artworks (top to bottom)
'Victoria Regia' cut paper collage
'Fisherman' cut paper collage
'Dreams' cut paper collage
'Grandpa' cut paper collage
'Rituals' cut paper collage
'Desert' cut paper collage
'Ruin' cut paper collage
'Hideout' cut paper collage