Workshop at Art Gallery of NSW - Photography by Nick Kreisler

Collage Workshops

The SCS run collage workshop in and around Sydney from beginner to advanced classes. The workshops teach students about specific types of collage, using colour, texture, form and image placement. They also provide tips on what look out for when sourcing materials and glueing work. Students walk away with several new collage works and a new found knowledge about various collage styles!

If you would like to discuss SCS running a workshop at your establishment, please contact -

What they have said about our workshops:

"Love the freedom to create, but with a structure so I didn't feel overwhelmed with too much choice. I came out with 3 or 4 works that I'm proud of."  
- Isabelle ★★★★★ 

"Great way to spend a friday night/ mixed group of curious creative types (and one douchebag attendee that was mansplaining the entire night - bluck ><). Hosts were charming and gracious. More please!"
- Colette ★★★★