DOWNTIME w/ Sophie Moates

Artist work space

Artist work space

1) Location? Norwich, England. A vibrant city full of galleries, museums and inspiration. 🇬🇧

2) Years collaging? 3 wonderful years.

3) What do you love and hate about collage? I love the freedom of expression and fun you can have with it. I hate how delicate it can be to cut out tiny details by hand.

4) Biggest influences? I tend to listen to old music like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra which really inspires my work and imagery, I just love that era. My Instagram feed is also a great source of inspiration to me, I love seeing other artists work.

5) Analog Vs Digital? Analog will always be my main love, the process of cutting images by hand and layering is just something which makes me really happy. Digital has its uses though as some ideas just don’t work very effectively by hand and need more blending which can only be done digitally.

6) How do you spend your downtime? I spend a lot of time watching TV series such as Gilmore Girls, Star Trek, Supernatural. I am also a big movie fan, love Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings and Jurassic Park films.

7) Three tips for someone starting out in collage? Have fun with it, be proud to be weird and have lots of spare scalpel blades!

8) Up and coming shows or projects we should know about? Lots of exciting projects planned, I show the progress and current workings up to date on my Instagram.


Instagram:  @sophiemoates
Facebook: @sophiemoatescollage

Artworks (top to bottom) 
'Snake Head' Handcut collage
'Monumental Discussion' Handcut collage
'Duck face' Handcut collage
'Hopes and Dreams' Handcut collage
'Fry Up' Handcut collage
'Music Men' Handcut collage
'The Road Ahead' Handcut collage
'Mindless' Handcut collage