Instagram - @lizpeniazeva

Liz Peniazeva is a Sydney based artist working out of the Inner West. Interested in analysing and reconstructing ideas relating to women and their bodies, she seeks to re-configure notions of gender, domesticity and sexuality. After completing her BVA (Painting) at Sydney College of the Arts in 2014, Liz has since forayed into analog collage - a medium she views as often misrepresented. Collecting and working with vintage ephemera, Liz re-purposes archaic representations of women into scenes she considers contemporary and relevant. In arranging clippings from publications typically targeting women such as gardening and craft books, she builds new environments for women to exist brazenly, enveloped in satire and playfulness. Free from digital intervention, her collage works are meticulously hand cut, carefully calculated and strategically composed. Like visual fragments of the subconsciousness in their seemingly nonsensical and dream-like nature, they evoke inquisition into the female experience.