DOWNTIME w/ Max Malone

Artist work space

Artist work space

1) Location? Bristol, UK & now Geraldton, Western Australia. 🇬🇧 🇦🇺

2) Years collaging? Since childhood, I'm now 26. 

3) What do you love and hate about collage? I love the hunt for materials, searching through unwanted stacks in old, dusty second-hand stores. Nearly every time I leave the house I come back with something. I also love listening to the radio whilst cutting, slowly watching a new pile of cutouts emerge. I won't stop until my hand resembles a demon claw. I hate my studio roof leaking; it's been very distressing.

4) Biggest influences?  Dustin Yellins 'Psychogeography' series was a game changer, then Vik Muniz, his film 'Wasteland' was a huge inspiration (must watch). Other artists are Maria Rivans, Martin O'Neil, and Nick Thomm, to name a few. Day to day I draw a lot of inspiration and encouragement from my friends who are all smashing it, pursuing their passions and doing what they love. Music wise the new De La Soul album 'Anonymous Nobody'.

5) Analog Vs Digital? Not a straightforward answer here. I Love both and often end up combining the two; starting with a hand cut arrangement, scanning it into Photoshop for a play and tinker, then printing it back out for another round of hands-on processing. There are so many methods and ways to get to a desired outcome. I'm trying to have more belief in my style and processes. Using photography to capture large-scale arrangements is where I see myself heading more towards in the future, it requires no glue and enables you to re-use and re-imagine your cutout collection time and time again.

6) How do you spend your downtime?  Trips to the cinema, longboarding and I watch the EPL quite religiously, my teams Southampton FC.

7) Three tips for someone starting out in collage?  Don't run with scissors, support your local thrift store and keep your scraps, they're often cooler than what you were trying to cut out.

8) Up and coming shows or projects we should know about? My partner and I are about to go on a four month adventure around Inda. I'm brining a backpack studio, I'll be posting all my creative pursuits on Instagram.


Insta: @maximillian.malone

Artworks (top to bottom)
'Psy-Surf' Handcut/Digital collage
'Elephant' Handcut/Digital collage
'Flower' Photograph of an unglued composition
'Jungle' Handcut/Digital collage
'Wildstyle' Handcut/Digital collage
'Psyclone' Photograph of an unglued composition
'Head Turner' Photograph of an unglued composition
'Crocman' Handcut/Digital collage